About us - Resolute Research
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About us

Resolute Research BV is an industrial market research specialist. We provide clients with high-quality market intelligence, including complete development of market drivers, suppliers, distribution channels, growth opportunities, trends, threats, and other market dynamics.


What makes Resolute Research unique is our focus on carefully chosen markets. Resolute Research does not conduct research in all markets but on a set of determined industrial markets. These markets are all linked to the process industries.


Our experience spans major industries including oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, metals & mining, pulp & paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, water & wastewater, desalination, and marine. Other industry segmentations can be developed on request.


We recognize that today’s on-the-go business executives do not have the staff or time to digest multi-hundred-page reports that may not efficiently address their specific needs. Accordingly, Resolute Research specializes in providing focused yet highly granular reports with essential narrative on the major issues of the day, supported by high-impact graphs, charts, and process flow diagrams.


The Resolute Research promise to clients is that we will provide an easy-to-read yet detailed market analysis completely aligned with client expectations. The big picture overview with all appropriate segmentations and high-granularity breakdowns is what we are all about.


Resolute Research BV would be pleased to be your preferred source of industrial market intelligence.