Resolute Research is a market research and consultancy firm specializing in flow control equipment used in the process industries. We provide our global clients with world-class market intelligence on industrial valves, pumps and flowmeters, including complete development of market drivers, suppliers, distribution channels, growth opportunities, trends, threats and other market dynamics. Read more.

What makes Resolute Research unique?

The Resolute Research business model is unique among industrial market research companies. Of course, we compile, evaluate and analyze information, but we go well beyond that to build a living picture of markets – one that is relevant, understandable and actionable in terms of strategic planning and business development. Read more.

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Our Products & Services

Our research will be presented to you in the form of a report or database. Resolute Research delivers Market Reports, Supplier Databases and Product Databases. Here you can read more about specific product categories. In addition to these standard product offerings, Resolute Research can deliver
custom-made research products. In these projects we work closely together with
the client to tailor research deliverables completely to client expectations.

Our Research Methodology

Critical to any market research is an accurate top-level assessment of the Total Available Market. Our research uses a sum-of-sales analysis of hundreds of individual manufacturers to determine total worldwide revenues based on actual company sales.


Our research utilizes detailed process flow diagrams to define template applications such as power plants, refineries, wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants and other industrial plants to accurately profile the type, number and value of equipment within each plant. This template information is then combined with information on the number of existing plants and planned new builds within each geographic area to provide a forecast for new and aftermarket equipment sales by country, industry and equipment type.

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