Resolute Research is a market research and consultancy firm specializing in flow control equipment used in the process industries. We provide our global clients with world-class market intelligence services on industrial valves, pumps and flowmeters, including market sizing, segmentation and forecasting, detailed analysis of equipment manufacturers, and customized research solutions. Read more.

What makes Resolute Research unique?

Our business model is unique among industrial market research companies. Of course, we compile, evaluate and analyze information, but we go well beyond that to build a living picture of markets – one that is relevant, understandable and actionable in terms of strategic planning and business development.

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Our Products & Services

Market Intelligence Products

Our core research portfolio is comprised of Product and Supplier Databases which provide comprehensive market and competitor analysis tools. Here you can read more about specific product categories.

In addition to these standard offerings, we can develop custom-made market studies. In these projects we work closely with the client to tailor research deliverables completely to their requirements.

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Valve Barometer

The Valve Barometer is a monthly indicator of business confidence in the global valve industry, based on a survey of valve and actuator manufacturers conducted by Resolute Research. The survey gauges manufacturers’ expectations concerning various measures of business dynamics in the upcoming month compared to the current month. Read more.


Do you work for a valve and/or actuator manufacturer and would like to see your company participate in the survey? If so, let us know!


Our Research Methodology

We use the bottom-up approach to determine the Total Available Market within each industry,

and project data from authoritative sources to forecast market growth.


Our research utilizes Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Bills of Materials and input from end users, EPCs and other industry professionals to accurately profile all major equipment characteristics within a specific type of industrial infrastructure (process plants, storage and transportation facilities, etc.) representative of its kind. These characteristics include equipment types, counts, life cycle and value, among others. The resulting data is then translated into industry-specific factors serving as estimates of the global average equipment cost per applicable metric (e.g., globe valve expenditure per MW for CCGT power plants). Finally, up-to-date data on existing and planned infrastructure capacity is applied to these underlying factors to generate highly granular five-year forecasts for equipment expenditure segmented by equipment type, industry and sub-industry, country, region, original equipment vs aftermarket, etc.

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