About us

Resolute Research is a market research and consultancy firm specializing in flow control equipment used in the process industries. We provide our global clients with world-class market intelligence on industrial valves, pumps and flowmeters, including complete development of market drivers, suppliers, distribution channels, growth opportunities, trends, threats and other market dynamics.


Our expertise spans major industries including oil & gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, metals & mining, water & wastewater, desalination, pulp & paper, paints & coatings, semiconductor and marine. Other industry segmentations can be developed on request.


Collectively, Resolute Research possesses decades of experience in the consulting business and 30+ years of involvement in the flow control industry via the flow control brands of KCI Publishing.


In a world where information is abundant, it is not always easy to find useful market information. Resolute Research would be pleased to be your preferred source of industrial market intelligence.