Flowmeter Portfolio


Our Flowmeter Product Databases are industry-specific, five-year forecasts of the global flowmeter market size, developed bottom-up and driven by up-to-date project information. Highly granular segmentation of data provides the detailed breakdown of business opportunities desired by most clients and required for meaningful analysis and strategic planning. This includes segmentation by:

REGION: 8 regions

COUNTRY: 96 countries + Rest of World

YEAR: From 2017 onwards, including 5-year forecast

INDUSTRY: Major energy and process industries, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Desalinaton. Other industries can be developed on request.

FLOWMETER TYPE: Coriolis, Thermal, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Differential Pressure,

Magnetic, Positive Displacement, Vortex, Multi-Phase + Other



Our Flowmeter Supplier Database is a meticulously researched and comprehensive listing of all major flowmeter manufacturers from across the globe ranging from public multi-billion-dollar corporations to private companies with annual sales under US$ 1 million. Key data points include company name, type of ownership, annual flowmeter sales, major flowmeter types manufactured, major flowmeter brands, country of headquarters, and company website. Annual flowmeter sales data for at least one recent year is provided for more than 70% of all the companies listed. The Flowmeter Supplier Database is an indispensable tool for competitor analysis and quick assessment of potential suppliers.